The Net

We believe that long-term voluntary work is one of the core elements for sustainable democratic society.

The idea of the project is to promote regular and long term voluntary work. The actions:

1.Local volunteering. To develop and strengthen voluntary work at a local level – by opening new scout and guide units and making them as role models of volunteering on local level, as part of national scout/guide network. Scouting and guiding DNA is active citizenship – it is part of their mission. By growing scouting and guiding in the country, youth democracy is growing.

Icelandic Scout and guides will be partners, as they are working on the local growth initiatives as well.

2. Networking. To support network of NGOs who organize work with volunteers – Red Cross, WWF, NYC and few others – by giving time and space for good practice exchange, also exchange with Slovakian partner about IT systems for better management of volunteers, as well as data gathering. Partner NGOs will be part of “partners-village” during next scout and guide national jamboree “The Net” as place for inspiration – understanding and new ideas come with collaboration.

3. Advocacy – to enlarge understanding about role and value of volunteering into development of the society, we would like to adopt and implement the formula of how to calculate economic value (into the concept of social capital) ( collaboration with Slovak partner). Also to ensure regular advocacy activities.

4. Communication – to organize 3 campaigns about volunteering (2020- Information and inspiration, engagement, 2021 – about – (economical) value of volunteering, 2022 – will decide about it after 2020 and 2021) + regular communication about volunteering.

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