The JUMP – the song for the Baltic Youth

Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn. August 29st 2019

The JUMP – the song for the Baltic Youth

The Baltic scout and guide organizations have created a new song “THE JUMP” to emphasize Baltic youth cooperation and future development.  There is also the video for the song, recorded at the Baltic Scout and Guide Jamboree in July 2019, in Latvia.

Singing is part of the Baltic culture. Singing is also an important part of the scouting and guiding traditions. Songs unite, and songs inspire. Scouts and guides would like to add a new song to the Baltic song book “The Jump”.

This song is about the Baltic youth of today, Baltic nature and the joy of being together. Jamboree is a big scout and guide camp where everyone comes together to share, to learn new skills, and to make new friends. Jamboree is a kind of an ideal world where we live in peace, happiness and never stop learning. We would like to share the idea of jamboree (as a place of ideals) wider, with more people, so that more people would live in a peaceful way,” shared Agnija Jansone, the initiator of the Baltic Jamboree and the head of the Latvian Scout and Guide Organization.

There is the video made for the song. It is recorded in July 2019, at the “JUMP” – the 4th Baltic Scout and Guide Jamboree (camp) was organised to offer a new generation of young people from the Baltics an opportunity to meet and enjoy new experiences. This type of gathering is effective to make new friendships and new ideas and was a celebration of the freedom of the three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. This is the generation born years after the Baltic Way. They who have enjoyed the fruits of independence and still care about Baltic unity and the sustainable development of the Baltic states.

Scout and guide organizations from the three Baltic states are proud to be leading value-based youth movement in the region, providing young people the time and space to meet, to learn, to experience new things, to share, and to dream together. And by that, we become better Baltic citizens! They unite more than 7000 youngsters from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

This song is a symbolic tribute and celebration of the largest peaceful demonstration The Baltic Way, which took place 30 years ago. 

The song audio file:

The video clip of the song:

The lyrics:


Music: Jānis Strapcāns

Author: Eva Johansone

Camera: Jānis Kešāns

Edit: Toms Krauklis

Design: Staņislavs Buls

Producer: Agnija Jansone


Photo: Santa Kupča, Jānis Kešāns



Agnija Jansone, Latvian Scout and Guide central organization, +37127852614

Urtė Petrulytė Lietuvos skautija,, Mob.: +370 862033653

Kaire Jürgenson Estonian Guides Association,, +372 55561525

Siim Maripuu, Estonian Scout organization,

Scouting in Baltics:



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