Scouts and Guides carry on the “Baltic Way” (video)

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Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn. August 21st 2019

Scouts and Guides carry on the Baltic Way

Scouts and guides from Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia have been sharing their experiences via video in tribute to the Baltic Way – the huge peaceful demonstration for the freedom of the Baltic states from the Soviet Union – that took place 30 years ago in August 23rd 1989. 

 Recorded in July 2019, at the “JUMP” – the 4th Baltic Scout and Guide Jamboree (camp) was organised to offer a new generation of young people from the Baltics an opportunity to meet and enjoy new experiences. This type of gathering is effective to make new friendships and new ideas and was celebration of the freedom of the three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. This is the generation born years after the Baltic Way. They who have enjoyed the fruits of independence and still care about Baltic unity and the sustainable development of the Baltic states.

“Youth is our future” we often hear people saying but youth is also our present. The current social and economic development of all three Baltic Nations relies on the civic space provided for the youth today. It is important for us all to continue growing together with sustainability, peace and solidarity, holding one another’s hands.

The countries have experienced an amazing development JUMP. To move towards a more sustainable future, our parents and grandparents hold hands for, as an active part of society. Baltic scouts and guides will work with the (United Nations) Sustainable Development Goals to make the next JUMP worthy the freedom we fought so hard for.

Please see the video: (3’11’’) (1’ 55’’)

 What the scouts and guides from the three Baltic nations have to say about the Baltic Way:

Annija, 13, Latvia

“People from all three Baltic states lined up from Tallinn through Riga and to Vilnius. They joined hands together as a peaceful protest. All those shouters they are easily ignored but you cannot ignore a huge line of people lined up through the whole country, three countries actually.

“It was one of the events that shaped our country for what it is now. Maybe if they haven’t done that, maybe we wouldn’t be free right now. Stay united and stay strong.”

Natas, 13,  Lithuania

“All the Baltic sisters (states), people had joined hands for freedom, to be free not occupied. Have their own governments, be their own leaders, do their own mistakes and be successful.

“It would be easier to be friendly to each other, to help each other in happiness and sadness, and governments could help each other and problems and financial problems.”

 Karl Hain, 10,  Estonia

The Baltic states are small but also friendly because they don’t start wars or anything and they are helping others. And I guess they all are friends, like presidents.  We should be friends forever, we should never fight, so we can always help each other and nobody will get hurt.”


Agnija Jansone, Latvian Scout and Guide central organization, +37127852614

Urtė Petrulytė, Lietuvos skautija,, Mob.: +370 862033653

Kaire Jürgenson, Estonian Guides Association,, +372 55561525

Siim Maripuu, Estonian Scout organization,


Photos: from Lithuanian Scout organization’s archive

Author: Eva Johansone

Camera: Jānis Kešāns

Edit: Toms Krauklis

Design: Staņislavs Buls

Music:Jānis Strapcāns

Producer: Agnija Jansone

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  • The Baltic states have common history, and face common security challenges today. It is important to develop strong, independent, and self-confident youth, based on the values of peace.
  • Baltic youth cooperation dates back to the 1930s, and it was restarted in the 1990s. Baltic scout and guide organizations agreed to strengthen Baltic youth cooperation via a Baltic Scout and Guide Jamboree back in 2005. The first Baltic Scout and Guide Jamboree was held in 2006 in Latvia, 2nd in Lithuania – 2010, 3rd in Estonia – 2015, and the 4th one again took place in Latvia, in 7.07-13.07. 2019.
  • The Baltic States have a unique history: having been established just after WWI in 1918, all three were occupied by Soviet Union for over 50 years (1940-1990) during WWII. The spirit and traditions of Baltic scouting and guiding were kept in the displaced people camps abroad and later in the diaspora communities all over the world. With the freedom winds and collapse of the Iron Curtain and the Berlin wall in 1989, scouting and guiding returned to the Baltic societies.
  • In 2018, all three countries celebrated their 100th anniversaries. During that time, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have experienced economic growth, reestablishment of democratic values and political systems, innovations, and more. All three are members of the EU, NATO, and OECD.
  • Scout and guide organizations form Baltic states are proud to be leading value based youth movement in the region and providing young people a time and space to meet, to learn, to experience, to share, to dream, to act! And by that, become better Baltic citizens!

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