4th Baltic Scout and Guide Jamboree

We invite you to the 4th Baltic Scout and Guide Jamboree in Latvia. This will be a cosy camp with around 600-700 participants from the Baltic states and guests from other countries. The main focus of the program will be nature, water and cooperation (in reference to Sustainable Development goals).


Let’s JUMP together and see you at the camp,

Agnija Jansone,
Chair of the Board, Latvian Scout and Guide Central Organization
Ieva Brogiene,
CEO, Lithuanian Scouting
Siim Maripuu,
Chief Commissioner, Estonian Scout Association
Merili Laul,
Chief Guide, Estonian Guide Association

Legend of the camp

Baltic states have common history, as well as common security challenges today.  It is important to develop strong, independent, and self-confident youth, based on values of peace.

Baltic youth cooperation dates back to the 1930s, and it was restarted in the 1990s. Baltic scout and guide organizations agreed to strengthening Baltic youth cooperation via a Baltic Jamboree back in 2005. The first Baltic Scout and Guide Jamboree was held in 2006 in Latvia, 2nd in Lithuania – 2010, 3rd in Estonia – 2015, and the 4th will again take place in Latvia, in 2019.

Baltic States have a unique history: having been established just after WWI in 1918, all three were occupied by Soviet Union for over 50 years (1940-1990) during WWII. The spirit and traditions of Baltic scouting and guiding were kept in the displaced people camps abroad and later in the diaspora communities allover the world. With the freedom winds and collapse of the iron curtain and the Berlin wall in 1989, scouting and guiding returned to the Baltic societies.

In 2018, all three countries celebrated their 100th anniversaries. During that time, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have experienced economic growth, reestablishment of democratic values and political systems, innovations, and more. All three are members of the EU, NATO, and OECD.

The countries have experienced an amazing development JUMP. To move further on the path of development, as active part of society, Baltic scouts and guides will work with the sustainable development goals to move towards the next JUMP.

The slogan of the Jamboree is: B-jam, B-jump.

Be the jam – mix and mingle music, cultures and activities! Be the jump – challenge yourself, get ready for the next level!

PLACE: “Ezernieki”, Meirāni, Lubānas area, Latvia, https://www.mammadaba.lv/objekti/top-12/atputas-un-turisma-centrs-ezernieki

TIME: 07.07.2019. – 13.07.2019.  (pre camp 5.07.-6.07.2019., clean up camp 13.-14.07.19.)

HOST: “Latvian Scout and Guide Central Organization”. Read more about Latvian scouts and guides here: www.skauti.lv

CAMP CONDITIONS: The camp takes place fully outdoors.



REGISTRATION: Registration will be open from January 1st, 2019. Information on the registration will be available on www.skauti.lv (Section: BJAM)

PARTICIPATION FEE: from € 100 – € 250

CONTACT INFORMATION: For any additional questions please contact BJAM2019 team at international@skauti.lv


BJAM2019 –  4th Baltic Scout and Guide Jamboree – https://www.facebook.com/balticjamboree


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